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Sunshine on Seniors Feel young by staying active
by Deanna Mitchener
Vivian Valentine is 80 years young with her birthday falling on February 15. and the grade twos have their spelling words they practice with me," said Vivian.
"I was born and raised in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. I got married in Medicine "I started going into the Westhaven School about 15 years ago. I was going to
Hat back in 1959, and we had three children -and now have six adorable both the Westhaven School and Evergreen School for awhile but it started to be
grandchildren," said Vivian. too much. I enjoy going in there every school morning to see the kids," said
Vivian occupies her day watching a bit of TV, crocheting, and reading. "I Vivian.
never worked outside the home. The farm life and kids were a big job that kept "I like to go back to Saskatchewan at least once a year by train. When I was still
me busy." driving I would go more often, but now I go by train. I get on here in Edson at
"I have been volunteering at the Evergreen School to go in and let the students 8:20 p.m. and about 10 a.m. the next morning I'm in Saskatoon. The trip goes by
read to me. The teachers tell me they like the way I do it, so it helps us all I think. fast for me, I can sleep like a log on the train. When I go back to Saskatchewan, I
It gives me something to do and the students have someone other than their like to book my stay for two weeks or longer so I can have a good visit with
teacher to read to," said Vivian. everyone back there," said Vivian.
"I like to go in every day if my arthritis isn't acting up can be pretty painful "I would say the best way to stay active and feeling young is to just keep going.
at times. When I'm there the kids come out into the hallway to read to me. There Don't slack off because once you slack off then you start going down hill," said
are some days I go into the classroom and the students read their school books Vivian.

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