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Council defeats motion to partner with GYPSD

by Adrienne Tait fairly confident we the Grande Cache and needs. If this goes by The council defeated in the partnership
would have to move E v a n s b u r g the wayside nothing is the motion to participate opportunity.
During the September forward on our own. communities. We have going to happen for the
1 5 t o w n c o u n c i l We just don't have time public libraries in both next five years.”
meeting community for public consultation schools and it works Mayor Pasychny said NOW W
services director Jim or to form partnerships very well.” that the number one
Desautels provided in time.” Councillor Boyce said response he has always THAT A PARTY!!T A PARTY!!
council with a synopsis The project had an with neither the walking heard from residents is
of a meeting held for estimated cost of $2.1 track nor county support the need for a walking
interested stakeholders million. Inquiries were in place he could not track and had believed Thank you to family and friends
Thank you to family and friends
regarding the new m a d e a s t o t h e support the project. the opportunity to
from far and near who came to
elementary school possibility of adding a Councillor Bevan said partner with the GYPSD from far and near who came to
project. walking track to the he had concerns the for a gym the size of
help make Neil’s 50th birthday
“We were all advised ground floor. While the p r o j e c t d o e s n o t Parkland looked solid. help make Neil’s 50th birthday
celebration so very speacial and
that we have a matter of walking track could be r e p r e s e n t t h e “We're challenged celebration so very speacial and
weeks to commit,” said made a caveat of the community as a whole because our neighbor
so much fun.
Desautels. The timeline agreement Derricott and outlined potential doesn't want to be a part. so much fun.
provided would require said, “I'll be the bearer issues walking across I would support this if A special thank you to Brenda
A special thank you to Brenda
a commitment by the of the bad news. It's the track to get to the the county would sign
and Rob who planned and hosted
end of September and unlikely that it would gym. off saying their residents and Rob who planned and hosted
entry into an agreement include a walking track Councillor Gomuwka wouldn't use it,” he said. a most perfect day for Neil!!
a most perfect day for Neil!!
with a monetary value at that amount.” acknowledged the If the county believed
attached by November. Councillor Chouniard concerns and said, “All their residents would
Town council had cited restricted public the things that have been not support or use such a
h o p e d t h e n e w access and the lack of said are valid. We're not facility they had a valid L
gymnasium could be support from the county getting what we want reason not to participate.
enlarged to the size of as concerns and said, but we're going to lose “If the county doesn't
Parkland's gym with a “Our other partner is this. We're making this feel their residents
suspended walking saying 'nah.' This decision because the would use the facility
track. Because it would facility would be county is not on board. they should have no
be inside a public accessed by the public I'm not concerned about problem signing off on it
school, programming but is on private land.” that. I'm concerned that but I believe their
and public access would GYPSD school board we're going to lose a residents would enjoy
be limited to after school trustee Joan Zaporoksy bigger and better gym the facility and use it,”
hours. However, the was in attendance and that the community said Pasychny. The Family of Albert (Al) Knight
GYPSD would absorb said, “We partner with wish to express their deepest appreciation to all our family
the operational costs. and friends who have offered such kindness, support, phone
“We were told in order calls, messages, flowers, food and caring words of sympathy
to suspend the track the Stock up on some great reading!! and comfort in the loss or our Husband, Father and
structure would have to Grandfather.
We especially wish to express a heartfelt thank you to Dr.
be three stories tall and Come and see us for Rudi Gous for the years of care and compassion you gave to
the design adjusted all Al.
the way around. It a wide variety of The four wonderful EMT’s and Paramedics from Associated
would be an imposing previously read Ambulance in Edson for your quick response, care,
s t r u c t u r e f o r t h e Sale compassion and patience with our dogs when they wouldn’t
neighborhood and the books, recently leave Al’s side.
cost would be extremely published ones, or Sale Marilyn Oishi, Dr. Odendaal, Dr. Sood and to the nurses at
the Edson Health Care Center for your wonderful care and
high,” said Desautels. Sale compassion you showed to Al and all our family.
Town CAO Mike an old favorite Bob Joy of Edson Funeral Home Ltd., you are wonderful,
Derricott told council he thank you for taking over and making the arrangements
had spoken with county much easier on all of us.
administration and was To the Edson Legion ladies, for the wonderful lunch.
informed the county Double Read 5019-4 Ave. Edson Your many acts of kindness and sympathy continue to be a
was not in favor of Book Nook Downstairs. 10 am - 4 pm great comfort to us in our time of sorrow.
supporting the project. Monday to Saturday Thank you,
Desautels said, “I'm Lynise, Kevin, Sommer, Cale, Curtis, Ciera Knight and Families

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