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s CHOOL YKCS welcomes new
Times teacher from Cameroon

some stayed longer. Some of the technical people s UMMER
by Deanna Mitchener would come for just a few months to help out in their
field of expertise. The ship would travel from port to
YKCS Christian School welcomed Sherri Hufnagel, port. Our longest voyage was 10 days and we were
a new teacher this year. usually in a port for anywhere from one week to six
Hufnagel is teaching grades one and two this year. "I weeks," said Sherri. Fun for Kids
have been teaching overseas for the past four years. "Edmonton is my home base for now and I have only
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS First, teaching in the country of Cameroon, West been in Edson for the past four weeks. I grew up in
Cameron in Africa, never getting snow there, but my
Africa. After that I was working on a ship for three
CLUB NEWS ONLY RUNS IF years for a non-profit Christian organization. There mom reminded me of a trip to Canada when I was ten
years old. Canada had snow in September then too. My
was 400 staff on board, some of them having families
grandfather and we built four huge snowmen in the
with children, so they had a small school on the ship."
"The ship was primarily in Asia while I was on
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada board, but families were from all over the world, so I fields. The next day all the snow was gone but the
snowmen were still there," said Hufnagel.
COOL MOVES DAY: September 27 In a generous partnership THEY SEND IN had students from every continent. The purpose of the "I have an older sister that just moved to Edson as
with Mondelez International and Boys and Girls Club of ship (called LOGOS-HOPE) is to bring knowledge, well and a younger brother still in Edmonton. My
Canada, the Edson Boys and Girls Club is happy to host an
th help, and hope to people of the world. We did that sister is a stay at home mom for the time being and her
Edson Family Cool Moves Day on September 27 2014. This s
grant opportunity is to encourage and recognize the through books in the bookstore on the ship. Also husband works in the oil industry. I like the sound of S CHOOL
importance of children and their families to live a healthy AN ARTICLE through interactions and programs we could do with Edson so far, people I have met have been very
lifestyle of physical activity and healthy eating. There is a the public, bringing hope by sharing our own stories of friendly and welcoming. In some ways the school is
number of FREE family recreation activities planned: Family our faith in Christ. We can help people in various ways, different and in other ways very similar. The staff at the
Swim, Family Skate, Kid Zumba, Family Golf and Family Bowl. school has been very welcoming helping me to settle Times
With partnerships from the Town of Edson, Edson Ice, Edson sometimes with donations or just practical help
Bowl, Edson Golf and County Club. building a house, putting a roof on or digging a well in and learn the things that are a little different from
Please call the Club and ask for Donna to sign up your family –things like that," said Sherri. what I'm used to," said Hufnagel.
for one or more of the events or for more information. There is "Most people would join the ship for two years and
a limited amount of space for some activities therefore it will YKCS Christian School welcomed new teacher
be a first come registration. Activities are weather permitting Sherri Hufnagel. Photo: Deanna Mitchener
and may be subject to change. 780-723-7240
A.H. Dakin plans ‘Flash Mob’
After-School Program: Welcome back After-School Members
and their families to the Club. The staff is looking forward to
another fun filled after-school programming year. The Club during Terry Fox Run
offers child-care and programming fun for children aged 5-12
with a safewalk and bussing program from each elementary
school. fun days and hot
by Adrienne Tait additional streets,
lunches,” Dakin teacher
KINDERCLUB: This program runs on non-kindergarten days (3 crossing or roads
days/week in September, 2 days/week in October and Mondays The staff, parents and Sarah Stewart told town blocked off for the
from November to June) throughout the school year. This council on Tuesday. endeavour and to ensure
program is affordable! ONLY $15 per day for this fun, learning students at A.H. Dakin Students will start
program. Reserve your child's spot today! Programming is from are planning a flash mob student safety. Stewart
8am until 3pm members can stay the entire day or a portion of in conjunction with the walking from the school said that they require a
it. Also children can attend the AfterSchool program from 3- Terry Fox Walk on to the down town parent to student ratio of
6pm daily. Daily activities planned are cooking club, computer location beginning at 1 1:5 for the younger
learning, stories, crafts, free play and much more. September 25. p.m. Stewart said one of
The school is walking grades and 1:10 for the
Our Website: and dancing in support the teachers at Dakin is a older ones and therefore
THANK YOU for your support! Edson Show N' Shine, KBND of Pam Giroux, a parent dance instructor who has believes there would be
Cosplay, Enerplus, ConocoPhillips, who has been very been working with the adequate supervision to
students. perform the walk safely.
involved with the school
A good place to be but who is currently Stewart requested T h e s c h o o l h a s
undergoing treatments permission, on behalf of contacted the RCMP to
723-7240 for breast cancer. Dakin families and staff, inform them of their plan
to have the town parking
but had not heard back
Giroux has two young daughters currently Lot on Main Street at from them prior to the
Parkland Composite High School invited Sarah Rovang from the Foothills Fifth Avenue closed at council meeting.
Research Institute, a former PCHS graduate; to speak to students regarding attending the school in approximately 1:20 p.m. Stewart invited council
Proud Sponsor of the the new Grizzly Bear Scat APP on September 9. kindergarten and grade on September 25 for a members or anyone who
Sarah explained that by collecting bear scat, and marking where it is found 2. As an active parent Flash Mob of Michael wishes to come out in
Edson Boys & Girls Club by using this app, they can determine population size and trends in hope of participant Giroux has Jackson's “Beat It.” support to join them on
“spent endless hours
learning how we to increase the bear population in Alberta.
For more information on how to get started visit or organizing fundraisers, Councillor Boyce asked the walk.
Sean Kinney, program leader, at for further if they needed any


Miranda Christie is five years old and has just
started kindergarten at Westhaven School.
Ben Kuefler is an adorable three year old. Ben is Miranda said, “The Boys and Girls Club is fun, I like
going to playschool at Brighter Futures. Ben said, my snack buns but they are for my lunch. I like
“I like all good food, pizza, hamburgers, ice cream
carrots too, they are really good and I can see in
all good. Black is my color, I love my older the dark. We have two cats, two dogs, lots of
brothers and playing at the park. I like to play all cows and some calves. I have a younger brother
the time.” and an older sister in grade three.”

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