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Suicide Awareness Walk:

lighting up the darkness

by Deanna Mitchener "Last year we did it “We are handing out
earlier in the day but this glow-sticks to light up
Jolene Moyan along year we decided to do it the darkness around us.
with her family and at night in order to light Our family will be
some close friends the darkness –the sending up Chinese
spearheaded the second darkness people are lanterns followed by the
annual walk for suicide going through before release of balloons. We
awareness on September such a tragedy happens,” encourage anyone that
13. said Moyan. has a loved one or knows
of someone that is
struggling to please
c o m e a n d w r i t e
something on a balloon
b e f o r e t h e y a r e
released," said Moyan.
Karen Ahlskog, who
attended the evening,
wrote a poem that she
read. "I wrote this poem Photo Deanna Mitchener
about two weeks after we Kayla Elder with Brody Olson (1), Vicky Olson (grandma), Teresa McDonald
lost Brandon –'I wish I with Elissa Retzler (10 months). Kayla said "we have lost a few people over
could wipe the tears you the years. This is such a great event to be supporting, so that's why we came
didn't cry, I wish I could out.”
stop asking why, I wish I
could have felt your
despair, I wish you could Services were on hand problem, to relieve the u n a t t r a c t i v e .
have felt how much I with a table set up with burden they feel they Expectations are too
care. I wish I could have p a m p h l e t s a n d place on others, to high in school, college,
taken away your pain, I information for those punish themselves or or they feel adults don't
wish I could hold you, seeking education on others, to gain attention, understand them.
just once again. I wish I this very serious matter. to seek help, to reunite When assisting a
could have told you it Youth suicide is the with those who have youth who has attempted
would be ok, I wish I second leading cause of died before them, to get suicide, a parent or
would have known the death in ages 15-24 years r e l i e f f r o m guardian needs to plan
right words to say. I wish in Canada. Over 25,000 overwhelming stress and each step to ensure that
you could have said, adolescents attempt turmoil, to try to positive, realistic, and
what I didn't hear, most suicide annually and influence a particular meaningful changes can
of all Brandon I wish you over 250 commit suicide person or situation or to a n d d o h a p p e n .
Photo Deanna Mitchener
were here.'” across the county. gain a sense of control Increasing a youth's
Nancy Morin with her dog Trouble, Mike "If you know anybody Thoughts of suicide are over their own lives. natural support system,
Chapman and Becca Hoffman at the annual that is struggling, please more common among A suicide attempt is a people they can turn to
suicide awareness walk held on September 13 in reach out to them, reach young people than cry for help by a youth for help and friendship,
Centennial Park. Nancy said, "This is our first out to your pastor, reach among the general who is experiencing is essential in reducing
time out in support of the walk. I have known a out to a friend or a population. severe problems. Some the risk of further
couple of people in the past that have committed teacher. Just whatever it Vi c t i m S e r v i c e s suicidal youths feel attempts.
suicide. They were in a dark place and it was hard takes please keep information states some alone, unloved and For more information
to get close to them, then one day they committed reaching out,” said reasons why a young uncertain about their contact Edson and
suicide. I think this walk is a good way to raise Ahlskog. person attempts suicide: future, that they are District Victim Services
awareness, more people need to talk about this Members of the Edson to escape from an weaker, less capable, Unit at 780-723-8813.
so more people can get the help they need." and District Victim unbearable situation or i n c o m p e t e n t , o r

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