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Mackay Community Association pilots community building initiative

by Deanna Mitchener express an interest in painting, or art, and another community, and able to maintain confidentiality
person did as well, and perhaps even able to teach when necessary. In turn Local Connectors will be
art, they could be connected with others and start supported with safety protocols, support from the
The Mackay Community Association has an art group."
decided to pilot the Abundantly Yellowhead "The Mackay Community Association is looking Area Connector, and guidance from Yellowhead
initiative in their area. for people that would like to be involved in the County staff supporting the process, explained
Abundantly Yellowhead is a process of interviews and the connecting of neighbours
connecting the people in a specific area with each (known as Local Connectors). Local Connectors Community interviews will take place between
other, local agencies and the municipality to build will be reimbursed a set fee for interviews, commit October and March. Regular updates will be shared
throughout the community as the process unfolds.
community, create opportunities for sharing, and to interviewing a minimum number of people, and
If you are interested in participating in this
supporting each other. In other words, make work with the Area Connector to review process, as an Area or Local Connector or just want
everyone's community a better place to live. information and develop connections between more information on this process, please contact
Wendy Robinson Yellowhead County FCSS people," said Robinson.
Supervisor, says, "Over the next 10 months people The ideal Local Connector will be interested in Darlene Kossman, President Mackay Community
Association at 780-712-3575 or Wendy Robinson,
will be meeting with neighbours in townships 53- meeting their neighbours, building their
11 to 55-11 to have conversations where they will FCSS Supervisor at 780-325-3782.
share their vision for the community and are
encouraged to share the skills and interests they ParentLink Service coming to County Communities
have with others. These conversations will be used Peers, Marlboro, and Niton Junction communities to see ParentLink
to connect individuals with each other, and the
larger community. For example, if a person were to programming supporting families and their children at low or no cost
Yellowhead County is excited to Junction in the Carrot Creek
ELECT FION offer ParentLink programming for Playschool Room at Niton Central
children 0–5 years old and their
School, and Thursdays in Peers at the
families. ParentLink services include
parent education, early childhood Peers Community Centre.
Programming will start in October.
The program will include coffee and
School development and care, family support, structured and unstructured play time.
information and referrals, and the Ages a light snack, and feature both
and Stages Developmental Screening.
T Services are universal and offered at Each community's program will also
low or no cost.
include sensory play, and literacy
“We're really excited to be able to
GYPSDYPSD provide some more programs to the activities. Parents will also be able to
learn about additional programs and
families of Yellowhead County. Our
new Early Childhood Coordinator has services that they may not have known
about before and access the Ages and
created a great calendar of programs Stages Developmental Screening
Voteote for this fall.” – Wendy Robinson, questionnaire.
FCSS Supervisor.
For more information, please contact
Programs will be offered primarily in the Early Childhood Coordinator,
October 16
October 16 three communities, running from 9:30 Nicole Connolly, at (780) 325-3782.
AM to 11:30 AM. Monday programs
ParentLink funding is made available
will run in Marlboro at the Marlboro through the Alberta Government
Community Hall, Tuesdays in Niton ParentLink Centre initiative.
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