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Fun for Kids Exciting first

weeks for

Pine Grove School

by Jocelyn Pettitt

Students at École Pine Grove Middle School
have had an exciting first two weeks at school.
Principal, James Randall, has been welcoming
and greeting the students as they enter the
school, rain or sunshine, building those personal
Staff has worked very hard orientating the
grade 6 students with the Middle School
atmosphere and offer many programs and
activities to develop what interests them. Choices
such as Music, Art or Coding have been made Pine Grove students Koda Wilson, Jersey Mitchell, and Brinn Taylor are just a few of the excited
available during their RTI option.
As well, the drama program is underway with students during the opening weeks of their school.
auditions beginning this week. One third of the
student body is taking part in the musical Programs, and Book Fair which will run October Pine Grove! She came home and told me that the
“Madagascar” this year. 3-6. Principal fist bumps them after school and tells
The students had their first assembly The school has also just acquired over 50 them they did a great job today.”
introducing all the staff and upcoming events Chrome Books for student use. We are off to a great start, and excited to see
such as the Volleyball Teams, Cross Country Laila Dixon, a parent from one of the grade 6 where this school year will take each and every
Running, Choir, Handbells, Ukulele, Turkey students at the school, said, “My daughter loves one of our students!
Trot, Walk-a-thon, Author Talks, Reading

Industrial Art Lab makes a popular addition to HRH

by Deanna Mitchener Bachinsky. "It has been a great
"The student-body class that we have been
Mike Bachinsky is was again asked what able to offer students
pleased to be offering they may like to see the for the past couple of
Holy Redeemer High library turned into. years, and we have had
School students a The overwhelming a lot of students come
woodworking class. r e s p o n s e w a s a through the program.
The school library woodshop, industrial Junior high grades
didn't seem to be a r t s l a b , " s a i d seven, eight, and nine
utilized all that much Bachinsky. "So the and senior high levels
so the student-body principal at the time, 10, 11 and 12. Our
was asked to fill out a Mr. Kilgannon, asked senior high options are
survey on how much me if I would like to run every day and our
they use their library. run the industrial arts junior high options are
"Unfortunately, when lab. Of course my every other day," said
the surveys came back response was yes, so Bachinsky.
it revealed the library we spent the next
wasn't being used all whole year turning the Upcoming
that much. Not many library into this now Event Reminder
books were being well used woodshop
signed out, not as class." The Edson United
much as you would "We have had lots of Church is holding
expect. With today's help from students and their Annual Harvest
technology and our staff right from the Supper at 5pm on
October 15. Tickets
laptop carts every floors up to taking the available by phoning Industrial Art Lab Teacher Mike Bachinsky with his junior high students
classroom is now a ceilings and walls from Holy Redeemer High School on September 19. Mr. Bachinsky
mobile library," said out," said Bachinsky. 780-723-3034 or 780- was explaining two pieces of equipment to the students, the jointer and
723-2487. planer. photo Deanna Mitchener


Alex Fedyk will be turning 17 on October 9. Alex said "I am Rena Fakhreddine turned 16 on July 24. Rena says "I go to Holy Redeemer
in grade 11 at the Holy Redeemer High School. This past High School and currently in grade 11. When I graduate I would like to
summer I enjoyed some travel and camping with friends and go into theater studies and do something that involves acting or directing.
family. My hobbies include singing, drawing and playing in I have been in two school plays and really enjoy them. I have five older
sports. I have one older sister who is turning 21. If I could sisters. I find it a little lonely as they are all married now. If I could travel
travel any where, it would be to Italy. I love the food and anywhere I would choose any part of Mexico, I just want to be warm. I
their weather. When I've completed high school, I hope to used to play basketball, but now I'm focusing more on drama. Outside of
do some traveling and then becoming an Architect." school, I enjoy hanging out with friends or taking a nap. Pepperoni pizza
has got to be my favorite thing to eat."

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