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County Makes $5 Million Revenue-Sharing Contribution to Edson

The mayors of Yellowhead County and the boundaries, ensure long-term stability, mutual payment amounts over the past nine years.
Town of Edson signed a new Revenue Sharing benefit, and quality of life for all stakeholders. Cost and revenue-sharing transfers to Edson
Agreement on August 5, 2016, in Edson, The Revenue Sharing Agreement is a formula from Yellowhead County (2016): Revenue
Alberta and the Town of Edson was recently based agreement that takes into account the Sharing Agreement $5,033,681; Animal Pound
presented with a cheque for $5,033,681 for this amount of industrial activity within $51,670; Airport $233,631; Landfill &
year. Yellowhead's County's jurisdiction surrounding Recycling $362,660; FCSS $118,062; Library
The revenue sharing payment to the Town of each town. Both towns have received $11,100; Recreation $1,106,223; Galloway
Edson of just over $5 million is a voluntary incrementally larger annual revenue-sharing Museum $98,100 --Total: $7,015,247
payment made by Yellowhead County and is to:
help share the costs for services that are used by
ratepayers across municipal boundaries; and
ensure long-term stability, mutual benefit, and Mercoal leases get boundary updates
quality of life for all stakeholders. This is in
addition to the $2 million that Yellowhead
County contributes towards services provided by Dana McArthur leaseholders at an average cost of $400
by the Town of Edson such as the operation of annually. There have been no new leases
the Edson Airport, the Galloway Museum, the During the Yellowhead County Committee of created.
Edson Landfill and Recycling Services, Family the Whole meeting held in Wildwood on "What Administration would like to do is
and Community Support Services (FCSS), and September 19 Administration asked Council for create a new lease plan to ensure structures and
other programs that are available to County direct regarding leased County lands in the amenities are within the new lease boundaries,"
residents within Edson. Mercoal area. The leases contain private said Shepherd. The old lease plan created by the
Yellowhead County realizes that the Town of dwellings that are primarily used as cabins and province is now over 25 years old.
Edson contributes to the quality of life in the summer homes. Shepherd asked if Administration should
area by providing a service hub for some of the Brent Shepherd, the county planning manager, contact all of the approximately 30 leaseholders
social, recreational and cultural support that is confirmed that a number of the structures and in the area about changes.
required in the region and is vital to the local landscapes associated with some of the leases Councillor Fred Priestly-Wright said, "I really
industrial sector for its continued operations and fall outside the current boundaries of the lease. like this plan. The Mercoal leases have been an
growth. To rectify the issues Administration proposed issue for a long time." He didn't think
The Town of Hinton received $1,946,904 amending the boundaries around the particular contacting all the leaseholders was necessary.
million in revenue sharing from Yellowhead leases identified as a concern. Mayor Soroka said, "I think we have
County and another $2 million for cost-sharing The lands containing the leases were identified all the problem areas and after that it
for fire services, waste management services, transferred by agreement to the Yellowhead becomes a wish list."
FCSS, and community recreation based services County from the Province back in 2012. The Council agreed that the boundary problems
for 2016. province's plan, according to Mayor Gerald within the leases have been identified by
Yellowhead County continues to work with Soroka, was to bulldoze the site and reclaim the Administration and consulting further with
the towns of Edson and Hinton, as well as land. leaseholders would not be necessary to move
Parkland County, to help share in the costs for Since that time the County has entered into ahead with a new lease plan.
services that impact ratepayers across municipal new 25 year lease agreements with the

Speed decrease for Bickerdike Road
Patterson’s Part Supply
Patterson’s Part Supply

Open 7 Days a Week by Dana McArthur all it takes is a sign then that's the
Open 7 Days a Week
responsible thing to do."
A speed reduction for Bickerdike
Mayor Gerald Soroko cautioned
Automotive, Heavy Duty,
Automotive, Heavy Duty, Road was the topic of debate at the that speed reduction exemptions
Yellowhead County Committee of
have been tired in the County.
Ag Parts & Feed
Ag Parts & Feed the Whole meeting held in "People soon realize that it takes a
Wildwood on September 19.
lot longer to travel the road. And
Councillor Dawn Mitchell made when the peace officers enforce it
a request to Council for a policy it's the local residents living on the
exemption so a portion of road getting the tickets and calling
Bickerdike Road could be reduced their Councillor to complain."
to 60 kph from the standard 80 kph Ramme added that it is also
limit. speed inconsistencies that cause a
Administration has reviewed the lot of feedback from residents.
road and noted that it is properly Giezen asked, "Is there a
signed for all the curves and possibility for added enforcement
enforcement services supports to keep people to the 80 kph
leaving the speed limit as signed. limit?" Mitchell replied, "I am
"All of Bickerdike Road should telling you 80 kph on that road is
be considered for a speed not safe at all."
reduction but the straight stretch is Councillor Shawn Berry said,
a hazard for the children living "Why anyone would speed
along the road," said Mitchell, through that area is beyond me. I
indicating a blind hill along that agree a reduced speed could help
section. but I don't think it will help
Chief Administrative Officer because these are reckless drivers.
Jack Ramme said, "For We have to change habits, not
We stock Tractor PTO Yokes, Administration, we are speed."
comfortable the way it is. It has all
Councillor Fred Priestly-Wright
Shafts, and U-joints. the precautionary signs in place for said, "I don't know how you could
WE also have the corners." cover this with a policy that will
make everyone happy."
Councillor Anthony Giezen said,
Roller Chain and Sprockets "I wouldn't like to see a reduction. Council David Russell said, "Put
I think people driving that road the limit to 60 kph and try it for a
Mon-Fri 7-6; Sat 8-5; Sun 10-2
Mon-Fri 7-6; Sat 8-5; Sun 10-2 need to drive for the conditions." year. If it brings too many
complaints then change it back."
Mitchell agreed with Giezen but
Council asked Administration to
780-728-8803 added, "I think you have to trust bring back a bylaw change for 60
the people living on the road that
kph along the road for review.
someone's going to get hurt and if
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