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Members of the Edson Fire Department Captain Dave Karasek, Captain Steve Farkas, Chris Neilsen with DBS Environmental, Fire Fighter
David Lindstone, Retired LT Ross Graham, Fire Fighter Alma Iwanciwski, Fire Fighter Norm Holt, and Fire Fighter Mark Rupert. during the Fall E-
Waste and Toxic Round Up held at the Edson Recycle Depot on September 17. photo Deanna Mitchener

Pitching in at E-Waste and Toxic Round Up

by Deanna Mitchener questions you may have. Paint, spray cans, electronics and materials are
collected here at the Depot every day. They are the highest of the volume
The annual Fall E-Waste and Toxic Round Up was under way at the and are accepted all year round," said Neilsen.
Edson and District Recycling Depot on September 17. Anne Auriat, manager of the Recycle Depot, also arranged for a free
It was the perfect opportunity to clean out the garage, basement or barbeque with hot dogs, hamburgers, muffins, donuts, watermelon,
storage room of unwanted waste material and electronics and bring them refreshments and even a draw for a couple of cool bikes to be won.
down to the Toxic Round Up for proper disposal. The Edson Fire Department and the Edson Gladiators Wrestling Team
Chris Neilsen with DBS Environmental was on site along with were kept busy directing traffic and sorting through recycling to ensure
volunteers from the Edson Fire Department and the Edson Gladiators everything went in the proper containers. It was a great joint effort with
Wrestling Team to help individuals sort all their toxic waste materials. everyone working side by side.
"Our Toxic Round Up is in it's 27th year now. We are here today to help
people sort out what is hazardous and what isn't," said Neilson. "We are
working with items from your home or garage such as paint, aerosol cans,
household cleaners, and a lot of stuff people just aren't sure what it is. They
may have moved into a house and items were left behind unlabeled in jars
or containers."
"Toxic Round Up is offered twice a year, but the Recycle Depot is here
all year round and someone will be there to help out and answer any

Adele Hamilton enjoys taking part in floor curling at the Pioneer Cabin
on September 19. photo Deanna Mitchener
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