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Pine Beetle threat in Yellowhead County

introduced to the tree by the beetle along with the De-barking the infected sections of the tree is
beetle's larvae which feeds in the phloem of the also a method used by forestry to control the
tree. The fungus interferes with the translocation beetle.
of water and nutrients to the tree. “Basically it More recently the use of Verbenone pouches has
strangles the tree,” said Harry Ullrich of Deci- been shown to help combat the infestation.
Con Consulting Ltd. Because beetles and other insects communicate
Blind View Ullrich is a forester with over 30 years of using pheromones Verbenone, a synthetic
Window Fashions experience and has been contracted by pheromone treatment, replicates the beetle
pheromone essentially sending a message that the
Yellowhead County, and other municipalities
including Hinton and Edson, for a number of tree is full and that the food supply is insufficient
years to survey and address the pine beetle for additional beetles.
situation. The Contech brand of the Verbenone pouches is
Clyde Corser, a forester who was previously manufactured in B.C. According to the
Custom Window Treatments involved with pine beetle containment projects in manufacturer they should be placed
since 1988
BC, said he has seen pockets of infected trees in approximately 7 feet up the tree prior to beetle
areas around the Obed hills, Cadomin, NoJack flight season. Considered non-toxic and safe for
and Whitehorse creek campground. “In Jasper humans and pets it is recommended not to exceed
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember right now it is completely epidemic and that is 30 pouches per acre. Studies indicate up to an
780.542.0898 what is coming our way,” said Corser. 80% success rate protecting uninfected trees, but
Jennifer Benson with the Yellowhead County it has significantly less effectiveness in heavy
said last year county wide 68 trees were identified infestations.
as having been infested with the pine beetle.
blind view Trees are identified first through aerial and then
ground inspection.
Ullrich said last year's survey was actually one
window as he has seen counts up to approximately 140.
of the lowest counts in the county in recent years
However he anticipates those numbers to increase
Mountain Pine Beetle tunnels in tree.
fashions by Adrienne Tait next year as increasing evidence that the beetle
has jumped from Jasper National Park into the
area around Hinton mounts.
“Because Jasper hasn't done anything to
Anyone driving through Jasper National Park significantly control the pine beetle it has already
this summer will likely have noticed an increase jumped and significantly impacted around
in the number of red and/or fully stripped pine Hinton,” said Ullrich.
trees due to the mountain pine beetle. Corser said he believes that if an active role is
January 4, January 25 about 4.0-7.5 mm in length and is considered the taken at the early stages “it is possible to make
The mountain pine beetle is a small bark beetle
some significant progress in slowing it.”
most destructive pest of mature pine forests in
Those thoughts are echoed by Ullrich who said
February 15 North America. the program being run in the county has been
According to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry,
effective so far but as the influx of beetles
“When beetle populations are small, they prefer
heading in to the county from the parks increases
stressed, mature or over-mature (80+ years) control will become significantly harder to Pitch tubes on infected tree.
March 7, 28 pine.” maintain. landowners start to notice trees in their property
Benson said, “This is the time of year
Parks Canada reports that since 2014 the pine
Each year the county applies for a government
that have been affected.”
beetle infestation has tripled in Jasper park, “The
grant that goes towards hiring contractors to
Yellowhead County landowners who have
April 18 exclusion of fire for over 80 years has identify, cut, and/or monitor the trees as needed. identify infected trees or have concerns regarding
significantly altered the forests and wildlife
While Alberta Forestry looks after the green zone
habitat of the mountain national parks and created
Alberta Agriculture looks after agricultural land
pine trees on their land to asked to contact
conditions that are ripe for mountain pine beetle or the “white zone.” Benson at 1-800-814-3935.
May 9, 30 colonization. Fire suppression has also resulted in grant for $44,266 to address the pine beetle Northwest in the US have shown that despite
Encouraging reports from BC and the Pacific
Last year the county applied for, and received, a
a build-up of forest fuels creating desirable
earlier fears the pine beetle devastation has not
conditions for wildfire that could threaten
concerns. They were advised to increase the
June 20 neighbouring communities.” grant request to $48,000 for 2017 due to the increased the severity of wildfires as originally
Another natural control for the beetle is cold but
feared but may in fact have decreased the
anticipated increase of infected trees.
temperatures need to reach in the -35 to -40
intensity. The findings were the surprising results
The mountain pine beetle bores in under the
degree Celsius range. Thoughts on how long bark of the tree, usually in the lower 2-m meters of a study of 81 fires over a 25 year time span led
July 11 those temperatures need to be sustained range of the tree. The tree produces pitch as its natural by the University of Vermont.
According to a recent university of Victoria study
from 3 or 4 days to a week.
defence against the beetle which it tries to push
The infestation which has been a concern in BC
nature is finding a way to heal from the devastation
out. The result is an almost “popcorn kernel like”
August 1, 29 since the 1990s has raised concerns in Alberta and appearance on the surface of the tree explained caused by the pine beetle outbreak. The research
from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
has made its way not only into Jasper National
Ullrich. Trees with 40 “hits” or entry points are
says that due to global warming forests in B.C. are
Park but Yellowhead County as well.
then cut down by the consultants or forestry and
It is not the mountain pine beetle itself that kills
growing faster and the trees are taking in more
the infected sections burned.
Sept. 12 pine trees but rather the blue-stain fungi that is This is 1 ½ year old Ginger. She’s
carbon dioxide.
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