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The Terry Fox Spirit Boe Erickson, his wife

strong in Wildwood Dorothy, his two
daughters Judy
Robinson and Barb
by Connie Gatzke Madden, his niece and
her husband Connie and
Wildwood's 35th Terry Fox Run was a tremendous Barry Fahrion, and three
success. great grandchildren,
TOPS AB 3647 hosted the event again this year. As
in the past, the Wildwood School provided the Dawson Madden, and
registration space. Kyra and Denelle
So on a rainy Sunday morning of September 20 a Brodersen created the
small dedicated group walked the halls of Wildwood team, "The Generation
School. Gap" during Wildwood's
The deadline don't mean she left it out, I mean she actually hop- Terry Fox run.
The deadline
Actually one grandma skipped a complete lap. I
step-skipped a complete lap.
for ads is
for ads is Seventeen laps in the hallway calculates to be a mile, FOR SALE
One great grandma did ten laps with her walker.
Tuesday at 5pm IN MOTIONOTION so ten laps was over half a mile! Each walker chose Bright and Spacious S. McLean
Tuesday at 5pm
their degree of commitment.
Since we were a small "family" group, and the
prior to children were watching out for the other walkers, we CONTRACTING
prior to
allowed the children to run a lap or two.
The Wildwood and District Agricultural Society
Monday’s contributed for the refreshments so everyone enjoyed GRAVEL SALES
pop, water coffee, fruit and squares. Anna Hutchison
publication. organized the refreshments and we thanked her and
the Ag Society for their generous support which they
3/4”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2”
give every year.
Each walker wore a sticker declaring their reason 3/4”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2”
for walking. The Terry Fox Foundation supplied our 20x76 Moduline manufactured home. Immediate Possession
gravel for sale
site with one free t-shirt. By the luck of the draw Available. 3 bedrooms and an owner’s retreat off the master gravel for sale
Barb Madden won that t-shirt which she immediately bedroom. Master ensuite with dual sinks, soaker tub and corner
shower. Second 3-piece bathroom. Very clean and well cared
draped on her Dad who is survivor. for. Never smoked in. All kitchen appliances included with
Also riprap & pitrun
The best part was our 14 walkers and two absentee upgraded Bosch dishwasher. Upgraded insulation package. Also riprap & pitrun
participants raised $1500 to donate to the Terry Fox
Foundation while enjoying the walk. TO BE MOVED!
Asking price $105,000
Residential and
Residential and
farmer discounts
farmer discounts

Call Derek 780-300-4868

Call (780) 725-2825

Three tips to prevent accidents on the road UPCOMING

Driving has become second nature to It can be tempting to check that text or EVENT
many of us and many times we don't think email or answer the phone while you are
twice about potential distractions. Cell driving so keep the phone out of sight and REMINDER
phones are a major distraction and the on silent.
fines are getting steeper to deter people Pull over: To avoid driving while
from texting or making phone calls while distracted, you can simply pull over if it is
driving. There are other distractions that safe to do so. If you are in the city, pulling
you might not think of when in your car into a parking lot to make a phone call,
for long or even short distances. adjust your GPS, or use any other
The fines for distracted driving are electronic device is a good practice.
now more than $500, but that's not the Get some rest: If you have to head out
only cost. for a long drive, make sure you get a good
According to Transport Canada, night's sleep beforehand. If you start to
Alberta has the highest percentage of feel drowsy, pull over in a rest area and
drivers using cell phones compared to close your eyes until you feel more alert. (780) 723-4717 5535 3rd AVE EDSON
other provinces. And the RCMP tells us With all of the distractions in today's FACEBOOK.COM/RAVENTRUCKACCESSORIES
that in 80 per cent of collisions, the driver world and the multitude of devices
took their eyes off the road for at least available in cars, it can be hard to focus on
three seconds. just driving. But not doing so can cost you
Here are some tips to ensure that you in fines, accident claims and other more
get to your destination safely: serious outcomes. Take precautions to TRUCK & AUTO ACCESSORIES
Put your cell phone away: Using a ensure that you are alert behind the wheel Proudly Serving Edson since 1996
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