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County reviews proposed design Red Brick gets

for new Evansburg Fire Hall a facelift

by Adrienne Tait
This summer the old Red Brick School was a
A proposed design for a new very busy place.
Evansburg firehall was Local contractor, Yellowhead Coring was
presented to county council contracted by the Edson Cultural Heritage
during their September 21 Organization (ECHO) to perform a thorough
blind view committee of the whole cleaning and repair of the over 100 year old
masonry exterior.
The proposed hall aligns
First an assessment and re-pointing of the
window Tuesday-Friday: 9-6; Saturday 9-4 with the county's protective mortar was carried out. Cutting out damaged
services model. The
mortar with diamond tools and reinstalling a
fashions Evansburg station covers a lime based colored mortar.
large area including part of
The whole of the building was then subject to
Parkland County. Parkland a two stage cleaning of all exterior surfaces, to
would be asked to partner remove 100 years of mold, moss, and air borne
financially on the new build. pollutants.
July 20 are two ambulance bays, and The final step was the installation of a sealer
Included in the new design
August 10 a peace officer bay, in and protectant to repel rain, but allow the brick
and mortar to breathe.
addition to the bays for fire
Access to the three story structure was
August 31 department use. The hall Protective services director Albert Bahri presented proposed plans for a new supplied by BlueLine Rentals, who provided a
would include offices for the
man lift for this community project.
captain and district chief, a
September 21 training library, board room, Evansburg fire station to county council at their committee of the whole said they were very proud to be a part of this
Yellowhead Coring and Blueline Rentals both
meeting on September 21. Photo Adrienne Tait
storage, kitchen, dormitories,
October 12 fitness room, shower facilities, of the two. project.
The work they did to preserve the Red Brick
and lounge area for the firefighters to relax.
Councillor Russell said, “Having paid firefighters
The goal is to use similarly designed firehalls
November 2 throughout the county alternating between core rubs against the grain but I recognize the demands we School will now last for future generations to
place on our volunteers are severe. We are no longer

November 23 THE WEEKLY ANCHOR station and support stations. asking for just a first aid course.” He commended the
The company used to draw the design is the same
volunteers for the hours they spend in training in
firm that built the Peers multi-plex.
December 14 $6.15 million plus additional costs for tear down and order to meet current safety standards and the amount
The cost estimate for the proposed fire station is
of time and cost to family and personal lives the
Custom T-Shirts! material removal of the current hall. volunteers expend.
Bahri said to have staff helps, as it is not just the
Protective services director Albert Bahri began the
Blind View $19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer A d i D n yone Say... presentation by relating a story regarding the current hours responding to a call that add up, but additional
hours spent cleaning and packing gear after a call
discounts available
rodent problems being experienced. According to
Window Fashions RIDE? Bahri, a county firefighter was responding to a call which could be handled during the paid hours
All Full COLOUR! and when they went to pull on their boot had to Call volume has increased in the past year. In 2014
allowing volunteers to return to their families sooner.
extract a squirrel before being able to finish getting
Custom Window Treatments outfitted. the county fire department spent1550 man hours
responding to calls. So far in 2015 they have logged
Water leaks, lack of exhaust extraction, bay doors
since 1988 3500. Increased traffic and motor vehicle incidents
Or Bring your own pictures & Ideas! that don't seal properly, and a lack of washrooms were responses account for a large portion of the calls.
also cited as concerns in its aging fire stations, “Some
CAO Jack Ramme suggested council may wish to
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember No additional cost are over 40 years old. They don't provide adequate consider building the smaller Wildwood station at the
780.542.0898 space for our fire apparatus,” said Bahri. With same time in order to reduce costs. Niton was
changes in technology and vehicle design trucks and originally considered but with the remaining
BORN equipment are larger than they were when the original uncertainty regarding a possible interchange Betty Stitzenberger with the Edson Cultural
halls were built.
administration chose to recommend Wildwood.
Conversation regarding the advantages and
GOLF disadvantages of paid or career firefighters versus the Evansburg firehall the project could be seen on the Heritage Society presents Ian McGill of
If council agrees to move ahead with the plans for
volunteers was also discussed. County administration
2016 budget. It is expected to take a year and a half
Yellowhead Coring (left) and Brian Dyck of
said it would like to continue with a combined model
to build.
Blueline Rentals with certificates of
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE County developing capital appreciation for their contributions to the Red
Brick restorations.
G a r d eners strategy policy and plan
Concerns were raised that long term planning could
CEREAL by Adrienne Tait fall through if and when a new council is elected.
Yellowhead county administration is working to
Lyons responded by saying, “If developed on good
The Edson Cultural Heritage
KILLER!! ESCAPED develop a capital strategy policy which would then be strong criteria then hopefully an incoming council Organization would like to thank:
followed by a capital plan in order to prioritize
would see the reasoning behind it.”
infrastructure and capital project needs.
The three year time frame is considered “practical
Council indicated they wished to consider a capital and useful for budgeting purposes,” said Lyons. To
Yellowhead Coringellowhead Coring
Spread the Best Dirt strategy at their 2015 strategic planning session. make plans too many years out can be problematic as Y
Currently the county's prioritized list is concentrated
there are many unknowns.
Mayor Soroka said, “No matter what we do
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787 mainly on road projects. someone will support it and someone else will say it's and
Barb Lyons, director of corporate and planning
BlueLine R
services, reviewed the proposed capital strategy a waste of money. How do we gauge?” BlueLine Rentalsentals
policy at the committee of the whole meeting on Council also discussed the possibilities of
September 21. implementing an offsite levy bylaw in order to help
The propose strategy and plan would identify fund major projects but the matter was quickly For their contributions and
projects within a three year time frame separate from dismissed. Director Lyons asked if council wished to
longer term goals. take the discussion one step further and review the dedication to preserving
The strategy asked how council would wish to funding policies.
prioritize capital and infrastructure needs. Evaluation The diversity among the services within the hamlets Edson’s cultural heritage.
criteria, clear priorities, cost, funding sources, and stood out for councillor Jack Williams. “Some
updated timeline were identified as tools with which communities have everything, some have two thirds, Their work to preserve
the strategy should be built. and some have none. Our province has a formula for
As part of the evaluation criteria Lyons said she helping people with lack of funding. It's more work the Red Brick School for
“would really like us to bring some focus to the yearly but maybe we should look into it,” said Williams. future generations is truly
operating costs,” and have those costs be considered All the councillors agreed a capital strategy and plan
when prioritizing. “What you want to fund may be was required. It will return at a future county appreciated!
quite different than what you are able to do.” meeting.
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