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Fatou Thioune, Joan Kelly, and Jenn Savoie were digging holes and planting
trees during the Community Garden Work Bee on September 20.
Photo Adrienne Tait
Volunteers get busy at

Community Garden Work Bee

by Adrienne Tait through until 4 p.m. located beside the
while others came and soccer pitches at Pine
Approximately 20 went throughout the day Grove School. The
adults and 10 kids or started at noon. garden will provide an
showed up to help at the Anne said she had area for residents to
Community Garden h o p e d f o r m o r e g r o w t h e i r o w n
Work Bee on Saturday. volunteers but was vegetables as well as an
Volunteers dug garden happy with the amount opportunity for a “plant
plots, erected game of work completed. “I a row, grow a row”
fencing, planted trees, thought they might have program for the local
and spread mulch. been a few more but it food bank.
Anne Auriat, one of worked out okay. Big The site was designed
the Community Garden t h a n k y o u t o t o a l l o w f o r t h e
organizers said, “All the ConocoPhillips, they f a c i l i t a t i o n o f
major jobs we wanted to were the only corporate workshops on topics
get done this fall were group represented!” such as permaculture,
completed or nearly There will be at least composting, canning,
completed. The depot one, if not two, work a n d r a i n w a t e r
staff will need to do bees planned for next collection. There is also
some work this week spring at which time any p o t e n t i a l f o r a n
with finishing the work not completed this education opportunity
garden plots and hauling fall as well as staining of for youth through school
in and placing the wood the gazebo and digging garden plots combined
chips.” the pond will be w i t h c l a s s r o o m
The core group of addressed. instruction.
volunteers started at 9 T h e C o m m u n i t y
a . m . a n d w o r k e d Garden project is
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