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River Ridge residents want road paved Blind View
Window Fashions
'Within two weeks roads were worse than before repair'

by Adrienne Tait unable to travel the road Custom Window Treatments
to pour a basement
The residents of River without incurring extra since 1988
Ridge delivered a cost.
presentation to County In addition to failing to Julie Van Ember
council on September 23 follow through on a 780.723.5734
expressing both their promise to pave the road, 780.542.0898
collective frustration at and with the road ban,
the current state of the Iyer expressed further
subdivision road as well frustration due to the
as requesting council d e v e l o p e r n o t The Friends of the Edson Public Library
consider addressing the maintaining the road to is hosting
issue. an acceptable standard.
River Ridge resident Despite the $150,000
Kamsen Iyer spoke on worth of repair work
behalf of the 46 property completed this year by “3” Day Fall Book Sale
o w n e r s o f t h e the developer the road is
subdivision. According rapidly deteriorating.
to Iyer, “Most of us “Within one to two
decided to buy based on weeks the roads were Kamsen Iyer delivered a presentation to county October 17, 18, 20, 2014
a glossy brochure the worse than before the council on behalf of the residents of River Ridge,
developer presented that repair,” said Kamsen. many of whom were present, requesting the state 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
outlines subdivision Iyer said the issue, as of disrepair of their subdivision road be The Edson Public Library
standards.” Those he sees it, is two-fold. addressed.
standards included First the developer did
architectural controls, not follow through on his
on businesses, large lots, promise to pave the road w a s t h e c o u n t y ' s case.
and close to towns. The and second he believes if responsibility, and the The issue will be
r e s i d e n t s a l s o the county had held the county saying it was the brought back before
understood the brochure developer to the proper d e v e l o p e r ' s council in two weeks at
to depict a paved road. standard the road would responsibility. the next regular council
The 2.2 kilometre not be falling apart. However, after the meeting. Mayor Soroka
section of road is Mayor Soroka said the r e p a i r w o r k w a s e x p l a i n e d t h i s i s
currently chip sealed, road was constructed to completed this summer standard practice and
not paved, which as per county standards of the the residents received an told residents a decision
county policy means time. email from the developer would be made at that
that there is a 75% road Kamsen said residents stating the county time but warned that the For more information
ban. This road ban has had started a legal fund inspected and had taken decision “could be call The Library at 712-6691
resulted in increased in the midst of their control of the road. anything from 'deal with
construction costs as frustration with the D i r e c t o r O ' Q u i n n it' to 'you'll get your or Ron at 723-1033
even a cement truck is developer telling them it confirmed this to be the

Unplugged – Children learn best when playing in the environment
around them. Join in the fun whenever you can - when you
connect with your kids they learn form you.

Edson and Area coalition to increase knowledge & importance of the
first 5 years of life. “Our Children's Potential is in Our Hands.”
Children learn best when playing in the environment around them!
Play in the Rain
Children who play outside are more physically active, which helps prevent obesity, heart
disease, diabetes and other health issues. Children who play regularly in natural
environments have more advanced motor skills, such as agility, balance and
coordination, and are sick less often. Children who play
outside have higher levels of vitamin D, which in turn
strengthens their bones and immune system. Dress
for the weather and you can play outdoors every day of
the week.

Long-time Edson resident, Robert Wood, challenges every household to This is your community coalition, if you are interested
please call1 800 814-3935 or visit us on our fb page
bring one case of canned goods to the Edson Food Bank on a monthly basis. “Early Childhood Matters”.

Local residents poses a

Food Bank Challenge

Long-time Edson own when his wife Robert.
resident Robert Wood became ill and was “I would like to
would like to challenge hospitalized. challenge Edson and
every household in the Robert recalls his every small town in
area to bring one case of involvement with the Alberta, and even
canned goods to the opening of the Edson Canada, to bring a case
Edson Food Bank on a Food Bank back in the of canned goods to the
monthly basis. late 1980's when it was Food Bank each month.
Wood has been doing located in the Castlegar A case cost so little, just
just that for as many building along 4 Avenue $8 or $12 dollars. If

y e a r s a s h e c a n near 50Street. everyone remembered
remember. “The Food Bank to do that there wouldn't
Robert knows what it's opened two weeks be any need for food
like when things get before Easter and had drives anymore,” said
tough. He raised his about 30 families come Wood.
three children on his in on the first day,” said
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