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Community garden

taking root

by Deanna Mitchener “There has been some food around to waste is
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Anne Auriat, manager the gardens. If someone cameras that are going
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weekly Edson Rotary The gate and gazebo at Edson’s Community Garden. photo Adrienne Tait
meeting held August
Looking back on the
community garden
project, Anne said,
“Just one year ago there
was nothing there –just
grass. For it being our
first year I feel we have
done really well, but we
also have room for
improvements as we
move forward.”
“The community
gardens are being used
by town and county
people. I know many
seniors that have
moved to town from the
county that are very
much involved with the
garden. It is a place to
grow and connect with
each other,” said Auriat.
"Kids have come and
build bird houses
through different
schools that have
participated. The
gardens are so colourful
with all the different
greens and flowers. We
just put in a solar pond
with small fountains,"
said Auriat.
"Next year we hope to
start having nature
building days or
appreciation days for
our environment. We
are looking at courses
f r o m M a y t o
September. Two times a
month for kids to come
and drop in. They can
paint pet rocks or build
birdhouses or bat
houses to help keep the
bugs away. We had
kindergarten classes
come where they
released hundreds
ladybugs,” said Auriat.
“We hope to start using
t h e g a r d e n s f o r
educational purposes.”
"Down the road in a
couple of years we are
hoping to have harvest
days where people can
come and pick apples
a n d l e a r n a b o u t
preserving them. One
thing leads to another
and it's building a
stronger community for
all of us. What was
once a dream is starting
to form. I think we had
300 students come and
help put down mulch,”
said Auriat.
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