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Toxic weeds found in Canola fields near Yellowhead County

Devil’s Trumpet has toxic effects that could result in death to livestock or humans if ingested

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry are warning fields. Cases have been reported in
agricultural producers in and around Yellowhead There are also potential problems in human Barrhead, Leduc, and
County that a plant that is poisonous to both livestock consumption if the parts of the plant contaminate Westlock counties.
and humans is showing up in canola fields in central canola seed. Burning should also be avoided at all Please contact the
Alberta. costs as the weed may release toxins in the air and Yellowhead County
Jimsonweed (Devil’s Trumpet) is reported to have a cause secondary poisoning. Proper disposal consists Agricultural Department or
narcotic effect that can result in death when more than of manually pulling the weed wearing protective Nicole Kimmel, Weed
the equivalent of 0.1% of a victim's body weight of equipment, and double-bagging the weed for landfill Specialist, at Alberta
the plant is ingested. All parts of the plants are disposal in order to avoid any contamination. Agricultural & Forestry at
poisonous. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has advised that 780-422-0885 or for more
The plant can be identified by its distinct spiky, early detection and eradication is very important. information or to report any sightings of this weed.
egg-shaped seed pod, its white to purplish trumpet
shaped flowers, and its smooth thick red to purplish
stems that can grow up to 2 metres tall. Sweet little
Only proper disposal of the plant should be done as S. McLean Minnie is 10
seeds can be released from the pods resulting in weeks old.
possible re-seeding of the prohibited noxious weed in CONTRACTING Used to dogs,
cats and kids
Fire protective services GRAVEL SALES this beautiful
girl would be
end of contract payout a great fit in
almost any
3/4”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2”
by Adrienne Tait 3/4”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2” home! She is available through our foster-to-
adopt program which includes all 3 sets of
gravel for sale
Town council approved a motion to pay the gravel for sale vaccines and her spay, with an adoption fee of
Yellowhead County the $131,592 owed in order to only $125.
Also riprap & pitrun
complete the termination of the fire protective Also riprap & pitrun
services contract.
According to the terms of the contract and the Upcoming events:
formula in the agreements the town owed $240,000 Our annual dog walk, Steps for Pets,
to the county in repayment of capital expense. is on Sept. 19/15. Contact us for a
Residential and
When the six months of operating expense the Residential and pledge sheet and help us keep
county owed the town was deducted from the total, saving animals in need
farmer discounts
the amount left owing was $131,592.
Councillor Brian Boyce said, “This is fairly straight farmer discounts
forward. The contract ended early. They owe us and Visit
we owe them.” Sponsored by: for more information.
Mayor Greg Pasychny said had the contract Call Derek 780-300-4868 CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
remained in effect until the end of the year there Satellite TV sales, installs, service
would have been no balance owing by either party. Email: John’s cell 780-723-0147
The amounts were pre-determined within the contract Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
and non-debatable.

The Edson and District Chamber of Commerce

would like to thank the following for their help

in making this year’s Sidewalk Jamboree

a huge success!!!

The Environment Club for doing the clean up

Mountain Ghost Graphics
Jani`s Restaurant

Caleb Tanner
Edson Walmart

Outsiders Portable washrooms
All volunteers

Spirits Edson

The Edson Leader
The Town of Edson
Alberta Crowd Management

Blueline Rentals

Mountainside Sales & Rentals
Laura Huitema

And all businesses that contributed to the silent auction
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