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GYPSD board releases

priorities for student year

actually take the bus.
by Adrienne Tait involvement.” the ATA, teachers are
BUSSING Another reason for the only allowed 907 hours
The Grande Yellowhead Transportation manager w a i t i n g l i s t i s t o of instructional time each
Public School Division G a i l P r o k o p c h u k accommodate parents year. The provincially
has established and presented a report to the and families who require mandated instructional
released what it considers board regarding the or request two routes. hours for students
the priorities or areas of 2014/2015 bus routes and This occurs when a child Kindergarten to grade
e m p h a s i s f o r t h e rider information. There is picked up at one nine is a 950 hours per
2014/2015 school year. are 28 routes in Edson location but dropped off year while the grades ten
The six areas on which and area with only six at a different location through twelve are
the board will focus are high school students such as with another required to have a
trustee growth and boarding the bus before 7 parent, family member or minimum of 1000
development, student a.m. care giver. In those instructional hours each
voice - how best to Prokopchuk said that situations the child or year. The GYPSD
utilize student voice to with the transportation children are essentially mandate requires an
give insight and/or agreement with Living talking two spots often on additional 10% over and
perspective to keep the Waters in place there two different routes. above the provincial
board informed and have been, and will likely While the GYPSD does requirements. The
connected to youth, continue to be, minor t h e i r b e s t t o difference between the
s c h o o l t o c a r e e r adjustments to the routes accommodate those instructional hours and
t r a n s i t i o n , p o l i c y and times over the next situations it can mean a the division mandated
d e v e l o p m e n t , t h e few weeks. “Parents are f e w c h a n g e s a n d hours are to be used for
continued review of still a little unsure of the “tweaks” during the first things such as lesson prep
foundational statements, process and are still few weeks of the school work and professional
and continuing to phoning,” Prokopchuk year. development.
promote division goals told the board. All eligible students are School field trips are
t h r o u g h p o l i t i c a l When asked if the trains guaranteed a spot on the typically not considered
advocacy. are presenting a problem bus. Those who live instructional time unless
EVALUATIONS Gail said that they have close than 2.4 kilometers the teacher plans and
The board also reviewed found parents to be from their school are delivers a lesson while on
t h e c o m p l e t e d supportive of the earlier considered ineligible and the trip. The trips are Terry Hayward, Makayla Fossheim (6), and
evaluations for the p i c k u p t i m e s t o while every effort is considered to provide Owen Boprey (3) enjoy the new playgorund
superintendent and the accommodate the trains made to accommodate all hands on experiential equipment that was recently installed at
self-evaluation of the as they are aware that a students those considered learning experiences for
board at its first regular later pick up time would eligible take priority. s t u d e n t s w i t h o u t Drostan Community Hall.
board meeting of the new likely cause increased FIELD TRIPS i n f r i n g i n g o n Photo: Deanna Mitchener
school year. chance of train delays. A s p a r t o f t h e instructional hours.
Part of the review and While Hinton bus routes a s s e s s m e n t a n d
evaluation process was are over capacity and m o n i t o r i n g o f
determining on what have a waiting list of 39 experiential learning
areas the board wished to students there is no outcomes schools will be
focus and excel. waiting list in Edson. asked to provide greater
Superintendent Cory The routes are planned clarity and more details
Gray said, “This is an to over capacity as when reporting their field
ideal year with the new historically many of the trips to the division.
education act because of students, especially As per the teacher's
the changes and the senior high students on agreement reached
c o m m u n i t y the bussing list don't between the province and

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