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The history of the hamlet of Peers goes back many
years, a hundred, in fact. In 2011 area residents
celebrated the 100th anniversary of Peers.
Early settlers came west to acquire land and make
their homes along the McLeod River. Residents
made their living on the land with incomes being
supplemented by jobs in local lumber mills. Many
people worked in the oil patch as well.
Making a living from the land involved working in
the post industry, trapping, and for the very
industrious, panning for gold.
It was all these historical facts that prompted the
current generation to gather and host Peers Gold
Dust Daze, thanks to Beth and Charlie Bowd and
Sheila Eaton, the original organizers of the
event. Events are hosted in the same
spirit as the original McLeod River
settlers who united the area
residents over the years.
PEERS A very fitting tribute.


Niton Junction is just 30 Niton
minutes east of Edson on
Highway 16. It's a farming
community and also sees a
lot of activity in the oil
Recreational activities include
hunting, fishing, and camping.
There is also an outdoor swimming pool with a
wading area for the kids, a pump track, and an
outdoor skating rink that compliments the area.
Three miles north of Niton, by the CNR tracks, is
the Old Niton School, circa 1928. It is now the
Niton and District Memorial & Historical site and
here you'll find memorabilia of the school
districts from Leaman to Peers. Trace the history
with old school pictures and check out the
school registers of the district schools to find
your ancestors and friends. A CNR caboose is
also on site and the facility is open from June to
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