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blind view by Isabella Sellar Voll in Action
window photo Sue-Ann Common

fashions iews Anne Auriat arrived at the Take It or Leave It on December 18 to discover someone had dumped
remnants at the gates. Much of this pile cannot be accept at Take It or Leave It.
Take It or Leave It not a dumping ground
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
Guest Column by Clyde Corser

by Adrienne Tait broken, items that have been left outside and are
January 4, January 25 The Edson and District Recycling Association's extremely dirty or moldy, creams, lotions, or other
liquids where the seal has been broken, and
Anne Auriat arrived to work on the morning of prescription or veterinary drugs.
February 15 December 18 only to discover someone had dumped well, “People think they can dump stuff and we'll
It is an issue that extends to the recycling center as
what appeared to be the remnants of a basement
remodel at the Take It or Leave It gates.
just take care of it,” said Auriat, “Even if it is a good
Doors, an old carpet, and other assorted material
March 7, 28 made up the pile, much of which cannot be accepted. item, when it is left out in the rain or snow it can get
It is an issue that does happen occasionally but
Auriat said the recycling centre now locks up its
Auriat said, “This one was the worst. This was the
bins at night as they have experienced an increase in
April 18 first really big one. There are odd times where I will people trying to steal batteries and ink cartridges
catch people and we will stop them or track them
from the bins. “We suspect this is for drug use,” said
The cameras on site have caught people rooting
One issue that having a pile at the gates creates is
May 9, 30 others may think the practice is acceptable and through the bins at 2 o'clock in the morning. As a Summers Drilling W
Summers Drilling Water Well Drillingater Well Drilling
result the blue bins are no longer left outside at night
increases not only the work load but frustration for
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
the employees and volunteers. but are now brought inside and locked up. A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
June 20 accepted at Take It or Leave It or the recycling “The items we get are usually clean and in good Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
Items such as old carpets and mattresses are not
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
“By and large people are really good,” said Auriat,
well repairs.
well repairs.
center although they may be recycled in larger shape but occasionally we have situations [like the
July 11 centres such as Edmonton. one on the 18 ] and we want to nip it in the bud. We
Other items that are frequently dropped off and not
want people to be aware if they are driving by and
accepted include older electronics, items that are
seeing this that it is not acceptable.”
August 1, 22 Fickle Lake Road maintenance reviewed
Sept. 12 by Adrienne Tait road is county owned he did not believe the Wright said, “They are Blind View 4405 50 streeteet 780-963-1282
The 7km section of
Councillor Priestley-
4405 50 str
county should maintain
Window Fashions
During the county's
a n d l e a d s t o t h e
providing significant
or pay to maintain the
Stony Plain, AB
October 3, 24 Committee of the Whole provincial park but is Fickle Lake road to any dollars to our county. To Custom Window Treatments Stony Plain, AB
heavily used by industry.
me we owe them a road.
standard other than that
meeting on December 21
The companies have
applied throughout the
I realize Carrot Creek
CAO Jack Ramme
November 14 presented council with a paid to have the road county. and Wolf Lake roads since 1988
maintained to a ban free
sooner or later we will
request from local
Councillor Williams
standard, as per their
have to rebuild.”
industry stakeholders
was concerned about
CNRL and Husky. requirements, for the setting precedence. “It is CAO Ramme told 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
December 5, 26? had approached county past 10 years. precedence setting if we council between CNRL 780.542.0898
The two companies
Councillor Berry said
go this way. There is
a n d H u s k y t h e
he would prefer the
administration with a
request to review the companies continue with more to it than what companies pay between Need your GED for work?
$13 million and $14
meets the eye. To me
road maintenance on their current level of that road should be paved million to the county in
Fickle Lake road. In maintenance and bill the for about a kilometer taxes every year and The Edson Adult Learning Centre is
light of the downturn in county at the end of the back from the highway.” another $8 million in offering a class from January 19 to
the economy Ramme year, “If they want to pay Mayor Soroka said, welling drilling tax
told council industry the $75,000 or $80,000 “The problem is the road revenue. March 31.
“has taken a massive hit” to maintain the road and ban. I have no issue with The matter will come
and companies are trying charge it back that is my maintenance of our road. back before council at a This program includes:
to find savings wherever preferred option.” During road bans you later date. - 100 hours of video-conference
they are able. Councillor Giezen said enter into an agreement.” instruction
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