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Town debates merits
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of special ballots RIDERZ

by Adrienne Tait Councillor Boyce said, “Every
once in a while we have recounts.
During Town Council's How long would this delay
Committee of the Whole meeting election results?”
on April 25, council debated the Kayla Parsons, executive
merits of a special ballot system assistant and appointed returning
for the upcoming election. officer for the coming election,
Mayor Greg Pasychny asked said, “The deadline would be the THIS AD MUST
town administration if there have Friday before the election to get
been many requests for a mail in the ballots in.”
or special ballot system. Town Mayor Pasychny asked what
CAO Mike Derricott said not so measures would be in place to REMAIN IN THE
far this spring but “in the past ensure people didn't vote twice or
maybe a handful.” for people to vote in both town
Councillor Janet Wilkinson said, and county. Starting at $13,9993,999
Starting at
“I asked before the last election Parsons said, “The special TOP RIGHT HAND
and was told we didn't. I don't ballots would have the same
think it would hurt us to try to do identification requirements as
it. There are people who go south regular voting. If they don't
and are gone by the municipal provide proper ID the vote is CORNER
election. I do believe that disqualified. They would also
everyone has the right to vote.” have to make out an application as
When asked what the to who they are and why they
implications could be CAO require a special ballot.” OF PAGE 2.
Derricott said it is a process which Councillor Bevan said, “I would
would take some staff time ask administration to do more
although the actual financial cost research and bring it back. I agree
would likely be minimal. with the Mayor. I have talked to
The larger question was if the people who want to vote at both. I
time and cost would yield a would like to see us take
difference of no votes or thirty. precautions.”
Derricott said if council chooses With the last municipal election
to go ahead with the special ballot coming down to recounts, a tie, It’s all about the ride AS PER SUE
Misadventures it would be worth the time to and a draw from the hat, all of the (780) 723-5775
evaluate the success before
councillors are conscious that a
determining whether or not it
should be repeated each election. single vote can make a difference.

Sid's Safety
In Loving Memory

Bill McClintock & Janitor al

May 30, 1937 - May 7, 2015 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8

Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567 Use this ad
Two long years have passed Email:
Our lives go on without you for Sid’s Safety
Nothing is the same for us for May 1 & 8
As our heartache is forever. In Store hydraulic hose
We valued your direction
Calmly you thought things and repair shop
Many times we ask ourselves
What would DAD think or
Family meant so much to
All those happy times we
When we are all together
But our love for you stays
with us
You’ll be with us forever.

Greatly missed For After Hours Service call

by his loving family
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