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School Challenge

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also joining in for the contest. They too will be
donating not only a per capita amount but will
also be providing a prize for the school that
collects the most E-Waste per student.
Anne Auriat, Edson Depot Manager, said, "We
will start adding any electronic waste deposits to
your favorite school right away. All you need to
do is tell us the school name and you have helped
that school out."
Help your school raise money and to be named
the West Yellowhead Gigantic Electronics School
Challenge Champions. School fundraising
couldn't get any easier.
"We are very excited about the challenge as it
runs from Niton all the way to Jasper. Janai Rick Hamilton, Marg Byrt, Eve Paschak, and Ken Biron in front of the new Pioneer Cabin sign that was
Redman has been extremely busy with done by House of Halliwell. Eve Paschak said, "The cabin has always meant a lot. My sister played music
advertisements, talking to all the schools, creating here. I just wanted to contribute something, so when they were in need of a new sign I wanted to pay for it
posters, newsletters for schools, how-to guides to as my little thank you." photo Deanna Mitchener
be followed, getting letters from school divisions SPRING SPECIAL ON
and having everything ready to go and in place for
this regional program. It ties in nicely with waste RADIUS EDGE DECKING
reduction week from October 23 to 28. This is a it now and put in a school's name. We want 5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
chance for each school to highlight waste everyone in the community to get on board with decking available.
decking available.
reduction week," said Auriat. the school challenge," said Redman. Pure Lodgepole Pine.
Pure Lodgepole Pine.
Redman said, "We are hoping to do better per Schools taking part so far are the A.H. Dakin 8’ at $3.54 each;
8’ at $3.54 each;
capita than any other school division. Each school School, Ecole Pine Grove Middle School, Ecole 10’ at $4.43 each;
10’ at $4.43 each;
gets so much per T.V or computer and the Recycle Westhaven School, Evergreen School, Parkland 12’ at $5.94 each;
12’ at $5.94 each;
Depot will match it." Each school should most Composite High School, Vanier Community 14’ at $6.93 each
14’ at $6.93 each
likely raise close to $1,000 depending on how Catholic School, Holy Redeemer High School,
involved they get. Yellowhead Koinonia Christian School Fulhum
"Businesses can get involved if they are School, Niton Central School, and the Hinton and Yellowhead ellowhead 780-723-9525
Wood Products Inc.ood Products Inc.
thinking about cleaning out their electronics. Do Jasper Schools. W
Water Wheel RV Storage Need new ad
Water Wheel RV Storage
Sid's Safety

& Janitor al

5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8 for Sid’s Safety
Well Secured Chain Fence Security Supervised Storage Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
Charge less than $1 a day on all year round storage.
Winter storage from September to May long weekend Email:
or by the month.

Please call for an interview in person

or cell 780-712-3608





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5020 6th Ave.

Stocking a complete line of
For an appointment please call
Office hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 4:30 pm First Aid Kits and supplies
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