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Legion Poppy Campaign begins

From the last died protecting our
From the
Friday in October to Publisher’s Desk country.
Remembrance Day Dana McArthur The distribution of
on November 11, poppies is a mainstay
millions of Canadians wear a of the Legion in helping to provide
Poppy as a visual pledge to aid and assistance to veterans and
honour Canada's Fallen. active-duty military personnel and
Poppies grew thick over the their families. The Legions are also
graves of soldiers in Flanders, very active within our local
France, which was also known as communities, providing aid and
the Western Front. It was a main financial support where it is needed.
theatre of battle during World To make the campaign a success
War I. The once barren fields the Legion needs the support of the Flags of Remembrance in Edson.
became an explosion of blood-red whole community. When we wear a
flowers after the fighting ended. poppy, in a very tangible way, we are The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the
Letter to the Editor Policy
Poppies became a living symbol helping support the Legion in these
Riding Update: representing the sacrifice of humanitarian efforts. editor
All letters are published at the discretion of
fallen soldiers in this War to End So, remember to show your the editor-publisher who reserves the right to

Open Letter: All Wars. And it was not long recognition by proudly wearing this edit for clarity, length and libel. Letters
afterwards that the poppy was symbol. And take a moment to published do not necessarily reflect the
policies or beliefs of this newspaper. All
adopted as the official symbol to reflect on those who lost their lives letters must bear the name of the writer and
Misadventures remind us of all the men and in service of our county, so we could include the address and telephone number,
women who served, fought, and
which will not be published.
live in freedom.

MP Eglinski Voices Concern Over Drug-Impaired Driving

MLA On October 24th, Jim Eglinski, Member of and keep them off the road. Bill C-46 does not

Eric Rosendahl Parliament for Yellowhead, took part in debate Jim Eglinski increase penalties for the most serious impaired
on Bill C-46, An Act to amend the Criminal driving offence, namely, impaired driving
Code (offences relating to conveyances) and to MP Yellowhead causing death. The Conservative Party
make consequential amendments to other Acts. previously put forward an amendment when
In recognition that marijuana is slated to be the bill was at Justice Committee to provide for
My legalized by July 2018, Bill C-46 amends the
ViewPoint provisions of the Criminal Code that deal with While law enforcement can detect alcohol in a five-year mandatory sentence for impaired
driving causing death. Individuals convicted of
by Adrienne Tait offences and procedures relating to alcohol and impaired driving, detecting drugs can be much this very serious offence, in some cases, are
drug-impaired driving. Currently at Report more difficult. Drawing on his 35 years of currently walking free with nothing more than
Stage, the proposed legislation introduces new experience as an RCMP officer, MP Eglinski a $1,500 fine. The Liberals voted against the
and higher mandatory fines and maximum expressed concern for the lack of scientifically amendment.
penalties for impaired driving crimes, and it proven instruments that allow officers to detect “The legislation in Bill C-46 has some good
authorizes mandatory roadside screening. marijuana in blood levels. intentions, and I do not disagree with it, but it
“Science gives us the ability to calculate the “We are looking at that and testing it right needs to be reviewed with more scrutiny. It
effects of alcohol,” stated MP Eglinski in the now. . . I do not believe we have enough needs to be looked at. We need to get rid of a
House of Commons. “I could sit down with scientific evidence out there. However, [the lot of the ambiguous parts that are written in
any person in this room, and if he or she told Liberals] will be going ahead with this law to there because it is going to tie up police
me what he or she had to drink I could make marijuana legal,” he said. officers on the road and make it very difficult
probably break it down and tell him or her MP Eglinski also criticized the lack of for us to enforce impaired driving, especially
what the [breathalyser] reading would be.” substantial penalties to deter impaired drivers with respect to drugs,” concluded MP Eglinski.

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