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The Community Care Foundation of Edson and District held their AGM
on June 8. photo Miranda L'Hirondelle

...Community Care Foundation AGM TOP RIGHT HAND

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Whitecourt and they do not have doing now on other levels we are CORNER
the spaces ready like we do, and helping a lot, like the Parkland
that's been a hold up." Lodge Auxiliary," said Strang.
During the meeting board "Please give this some
members were appointed including consideration." Currently, the Lodge OF PAGE 2.
Doug Woodhouse who was re- has raised five to six thousand
elected by acclimation as the dollars said Strang.
foundation's president. In an interview with Don
Later on, Ivan Strang representing McCullough after the AGM he said
Parkland Lodge spoke about the that the foundation was considering
need to raise $250,000 to furnish a rescind motion for $200,000
the new lodge once the construction reserved for the long awaited
is complete in about 18 months. cataract unit at the Edson Hospital, It’s all about the ride
Current grants and funding do not and allocating funds for Parkland (780) 723-5775 AS PER SUE
Misadventures cover any new furnishing for the Lodge's furnishing needs.
expanded lodge.
However, Tracey Correia had
"It would be with our great
pleasure if you would be kind given them indications that the
foundation should hold on to those
enough to sponsor the first level of earmarked funds for the time being.
the Lodge for us. We would "I understand 10 years is a long
dedicate a spot to your organization time to wait. But if you did step
and its contribution. We've got to way I do not think there would be Sid's Safety
step up to the table and start looking any opportunity to bring this
after our seniors. I know what we're [cataract unit] program.”
& Janitor al

RCMP give update 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8

to Town Council Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567

by Adrienne Tait corporal position within the local Stocking a variety of accessories for
detachment and two new cadets are
S/Sgt Peter King presented town expected. your rigging and hoisting needs
council with an update on the New furniture has arrived and
department's statistics for the year S/Sgt King said he has seen an
to date and provided a glimpse into increase both functionality and
an upcoming positive reinforcement morale at the detachment.
program during the June 13 The RCMP are working on a
Committee of the Whole meeting. positive ticketing initiative which
One recent highpoint for the will begin later this summer. The
department was the response to the program, which is focused on
fire that consumed one of Edson's youth, will see members handing
most historic buildings. S/Sgt King out tickets that include a reward
said, “The cohesiveness was such as a free pop, small fires, swim
amazing,” with regards to the pass etcetera in recognition of
response and working relationship positive actions or deeds. S/Sgt
with the mutual aid partners for that King said they have received lots of
incident. support from the local business
To date the local RCMP have community.
responded to 2208 reported Councillor Bevan asked if the
incidents, 189 of which were RCMP will resume their bike
unfounded, meaning the local patrols this summer. S/Sgt King For After Hours Service call
detachment investigated 2019 said the patrols have already begun
occurrences in the first half of2017. and one successful patrol deterred a
That number is down from last year. break and enter. 780-517-6575
Currently there is one vacant
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